2023 A Year in Review: Allstate Canada and The Allstate Foundation of Canada’s Social Impact

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Since 1977, The Allstate Foundation of Canada and Allstate Canada have been providing donations and grants to non-profit, registered charitable organizations in Canada and supporting communities where our employees live and work.

In 2023, The Allstate Foundation of Canada launched its new strategic plan for Social Impact, with a more targeted mission to foster an environment of inclusion, involvement and empowerment for those who experience barriers to financial independence.

These are our Areas of Focus:

Disrupting the Cycle of Abuse

In 2022, approximately 117,000 Canadians experienced domestic abuse, 78% of whom were women (Source: Statistics Canada, Trends in police-reported family violence and intimate partner violence in Canada, 2022). Domestic abuse is most often a form of gender-based violence that can encompass a broad range of behaviours. This can include emotional, psychological, financial, physical or sexual abuse – often committed by a current or former intimate partner.

Other terminology often used in a similar context are intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and relationship abuse.

In 2023, The Allstate Foundation of Canada supported organizations that provide support to those impacted by domestic abuse, with particular focus on economic and financial empowerment. The Allstate Foundation of Canada supported the following organizations: Canadian Women’s Foundation, Women’s Shelters Canada and the Shoebox Project for Women.

Championing Inclusive and Accessible Housing

It’s no secret that the lack of affordable housing has become a big issue in Canada. According to the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, it is estimated that an average of 235,000 people in Canada experience one of the many types of homelessness each year (Source: A review of Canadian homelessness data, 2023). In addition to affordability, access to safe and inclusive living conditions poses a big challenge for marginalized and vulnerable populations, including people living with disabilities and their families.

We know that access to safe, inclusive and affordable living conditions lays the foundation for a better life. It improves financial stability, physical and mental health, social interactions, and contributes to safer and more resilient communities.

In 2023, The Allstate Foundation of Canada supported organizations working to create inclusive, safe and accessible housing solutions for people at higher risk of housing insecurity. The Allstate Foundation of Canada supported the following organizations: Habitat for Humanity Canada, Inclusion Canada, Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness and Old Brewery Mission.

Empowering Our People to Make Local Community Impact

The Allstate Foundation of Canada supports Allstate Canada employees’ personal passions and helps maximize the impact of their volunteering and giving in local communities. This is done through a variety of programs and initiatives aimed at recognizing and empowering our employees to make an impact in the communities where they live and serve. In 2023, employees participated in the following programs and initiatives:

The Good Hands Grant

The Good Hands Grant Program is designed to increase the impact of our employee volunteerism by matching their volunteer time with money to donate to their favourite Canadian charities, referred to as Volunteer Rewards. In 2023, individual employees and teams volunteered more than 2,500 hours, resulting in over $140,000 donated to organizations across Canada.

Days of Service

In 2023, Allstate Canada and The Allstate Foundation of Canada launched Days of Service, a program created to encourage employees to come together to make an impact in their communities. More than 470 volunteer hours were tracked during this company-planned and self-directed volunteer activities during designated Days of Service throughout the year, supporting a total of 18 community organizations in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Community Hero Award

Allstate Canada’s annual Community Hero Award recognizes employees who commit their time and energy to supporting their communities through volunteerism and other forms of community service. In 2023, ten winners were selected for their incredible contributions to their communities and collectively received $12,000 to donate to the charities of their choice.

Month of Goodness

Month of Goodness is Allstate Canada biggest annual employee giving initiative. During this month-long campaign in October, employees are provided with a variety of opportunities to maximize their impact, including The Allstate Foundation of Canada matching 100% of all employees’ personal donations and donation credits ranging from $30 – $1,000 being placed in every employee’s Giving Account to donate to the charity of choice.

Through a combination of employee donations, Volunteer Rewards, matching contributions, donation credits and additional donations from The Allstate Foundation of Canada, over $131,000 was donated to 578 Canadian organizations.

To stay up to date on our charitable initiatives, be sure to visit our website at www.allstate.ca/community/foundation or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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