Allstate Canada Group Employees Make a Big Impact In 2020

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Last year, Allstate Canada Group (ACG) proudly launched a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) roadmap with a focus on the theme of inclusivity. This approach – coupled with our commitment to invest in Canadian charities through The Allstate Foundation of Canada – as well as a pivot to virtual employee giving and volunteering, helped us reach record highs for community investment across the provinces we serve in Canada.

According to Imagine Canada’s Sector Monitor Survey that was conducted in late 2020, COVID-19 has sharply increased the demand for charitable services. Yet, donations are falling.

We’ve learned that:

  • 68% of charities have seen a decline in donations since the onset of the pandemic.
  • 70% of charities also report a decline in the number of volunteers since the onset of the pandemic, and 74% have seen a decline in the number of volunteer hours they receive.
  • 51% of Canadians said they planned to donate to charities during the 2020 holiday season compared to 62% in 2014.
  • Among Canadians surveyed in 2020 who planned to give a holiday gift to charities, 36% say they planned to give less.

At Allstate, we recognize it’s as important as ever that our charitable giving reaches those most in need. That is why we are committed to fostering an environment of inclusion, involvement and empowerment for those who experience barriers to participation – whether it be within their community, career, or personal life. Though 2020 presented unprecedented challenges, ACG employees embodied our vision of bringing strength, experience and care to not only our customers, but to numerous charitable organizations as well.

2020 Employee Involvement & Impact

Thanks to the generosity of our employees, we’re proud to announce that throughout 2020 we’ve supported nearly 800 causes across Canada, our ACG employees tracked over 3,000 volunteer hours, and collectively we’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities across Canada.

Project Spotlight

Here are just a few highlights from the many campaigns our employees got involved with last year.

Response to the Pandemic – Allstate Insurance Agency Call to Action

During May 2020, more than 45 agencies across all five provinces (Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick) donated urgently needed meals and food items to local healthcare professionals and food banks.
The company also made a financial contribution to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation in March to contribute funding to early COVID-19 vaccine research.


Addressing Homelessness

Old Brewery Mission

Allstate Canada employees in Quebec ran a campaign alongside the Old Brewery Mission in Montreal to purchase furniture and gifts for men and women in the affordable housing program – helping people move from homelessness to sustained, independent living.

In addition, we ran our Quote-for-Donations campaign where “for every quote given by our agents in Quebec between October 19 – 25, 2020”, funds were donated to the Old Brewery Mission, Espoir Rosalie in Gatineau and Fondation Lauberivière in Quebec City. Our employees also sent cards with words of encouragement for those experiencing homelessness.

Shoebox Project for Women

2020 marked the 5th year of our partnership with the Shoebox Project for Women. While we were unable to get together and donate gift-filled shoeboxes due to COVID-19, we were able to shift to a virtual program that allowed us to raise thousands of dollars worth of gift cards, and write over 500 personalized cards to women experiencing homelessness over the holidays.

Image of Allstate employees creating a heart with their hands

Month of Goodness

In November and December, Allstate introduced a new employee giving and volunteering program called the “Month of Goodness”. Every employee had an opportunity to support organizations they care about through giving and online volunteering.

Over $100,000 was donated and employees got very creative with how they supported local organizations:

  • Four Alberta Agencies came together to raise funds for an animal rescue organization.
  • Our Underwriting team challenged everyone in the department to give away 10 lbs. of groceries each time they went grocery shopping.
  • Pembridge and Pafco teams prioritized health and wellness by participating in a challenge to complete at least 30 minutes of activity a day, while supporting local communities. All who participated earned donation currency for the charities of their choice.

In 2020, Allstate Canada also provided funding to Inclusion Canada, the DeRo Foundation, food banks, as well as other organizations working to remove barriers and foster an environment of inclusion.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all (directly or indirectly). However, through continuous support and generosity, we are able to help those who needed it the most.

We look forward in continuing to support our communities this year and into the future.