Ten fun (and socially distanced) activities to do this March

Happy child and young father with inflatable ring and drawing tropical fishes around him

March Break may look a little different this year, given the current pandemic.

With many students logging off from their “school” computers for the week, as parents we want to be able to keep our kids occupied (and not just with watching Netflix or playing video games).

So, the Good Hands Advice team has put together a list of 10 fun (and socially distanced) activities that kids can do this March.

Activities to get them moving

After being home and sitting at a desk for many hours a day, it’s a good idea to get them moving and active outside. So, below are some ideas to do just that as a family. However, be sure to check with your local government for any pandemic-related restrictions before heading out.


Group of young caucasian friends enjoying their time searching the city map and phones while riding on the train

Are you familiar with geocaching? Geocaching is an activity that consists of finding “caches”, places where small objects have been hidden. There are many active geocachers across the country… and the city. All you need to do is visit a website like Geocaching.com, enter your postal code and you will find caches near you!


A family (father, mother, and daughters) enjoying winter by riding a toboggan sled/tube down a snowy hill in winter.

Many public parks offer a natural slope that is perfect for sliding, so grab your own toboggan or crazy carpet! Get dressed warmly and go down the slope with your children. Laughter and lasting memories guaranteed.


A family ice-skating on a frozen pond on a snowy day.

In winter, you can find many outdoor rinks where families can lace up their skates and glide around the rink. If there’s no one around but your little gang, take the opportunity to play tag by chasing each other across the ice!

Building a fort or playing in the snow

Brother and sister enjoying winter. They are building a snow fortress. Kids are aged 7 and 11.

Building a fort or a house in the snow is an activity that many children enjoy. It makes them feel like they are building their own little place to play. During certain winters, forts can last for weeks. But, be careful not to build tunnels, as they can collapse.

Children can also make snow sculptures: from the classic snowman to more artistic works, only you and your children’s imagination is the limit.

Take a walk… every day!

Family Walking Italian Spinone Puppy

Go out as a family and talk about things you may not discuss with your children on a regular basis. Talk to them about the city you live in, the nature around you, and ask them questions or for their opinion on certain topics. You may start a fascinating conversation.

Learn or improve a skill

When you’re not out enjoying the great outdoors, there are also great activities that you can do indoors to learn or improve a skill.

Animal discovery

A happy family spending the day at a monkey sanctuary

If you have never been to a wildlife park (for example, Omega Park, located near the Quebec-Ontario border), a family visit is a must. You can find many animals in the wild, and others living in a large, peaceful space. Bring a camera to capture your visit and a snack to extend your stay! You could play a game later by asking your children to name the animals in the pictures.

Computer programming

Rear view of a six year old boy at a computer workstation.

For children who show an interest in understanding how computers work, a short online programming course can be interesting for both of you. Learn while having fun through organizations such as Kids Code Jeunesse, which offers free training courses that enable kids to learn more about technology, develop their creative thinking and learn how to solve problems in a fun way.

Board games

A family play a board game together in a log cabin. A mid adult man smiles and points at the game whilst talking to his daughter.

Board games are another fun way to spend time as a family, in the evening or during a cold day. They allow your children to practice reading, counting, understand and follow rules, work as a team, and let their imagination run wild. You may already have games at home… but why not take advantage of this opportunity to get a new game and have a new experience?


Two children painting and drawing easter arts and crafts at home.

Many children love to do crafts, and it’s easy to find D.I.Y. ideas online involving empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, egg cartons, milk cartons, and so on. Take out the scissors, pencils and glue to create animals, objects or tools with your kids.

D.I.Y. – For older children

Portrait of child being creative and making things

If your children are a little older, you can also opt for modelling kits. Cars, airplanes, miniatures and more… there is something for everyone! Once assembled, some models can also be painted.

March Break means that spring is approaching, and warmer weather is coming back, so take advantage of the increasing daylight and rising temperatures. But, what’s most important, is to spend quality time as a family and keep safe.

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