Keeping Your Car Cool in the Summer

Keeping Your Car Cool in the Summer

During the summer, there’s nothing worse than climbing into a hot and stuffy car. Depending on how warm or humid it is outside, the inside of your vehicle can become two times as hot. In fact, it only takes an outside temperature of around 21 degrees Celsius for the inside temperature, of a vehicle sitting in the sun, to reach 50 degrees or higher.

While you may be tempted to bake cookies inside your oven of a car, it is important to know that leaving your children or pets in one – even for a moment – is extremely dangerous.

There are a number of things you can do to keep your car cool during summer and we have the tips to help.

Cover your windows

Any way to block out the sun can help keep your car’s interior cooler. Consider investing in some window covers or sun shades or try making your own using leftover cardboard pieces.

Tint your windows

Alternatively, you can have your windows tinted. Remember to do your research as each province may have regulations for how dark of a tint you can use.

Park in the shade

If you don’t have tinted windows or covers, a good alternative would be parking indoors or in the shade.  If possible, try parking in a position where the sun is hitting your rear window instead of the windshield.  This will keep the temperature of the steering wheel and front seats lower than if the sun was coming directly through the front of your car.

Create air ventilation

Before leaving your car, open the vents to allow air flow.

Cover your seats

If you are buying a new vehicle, consider purchasing one with cloth seats as leather seats heat up faster.  If it’s in your budget, you might also want to look into buying a vehicle with air conditioned seats.  For those who already have leather seats, simply covering them with towels can help prevent scorching your legs when you sit down.

Use air conditioning effectively

Having your vehicle’s air conditioning system checked regularly is recommended to help keep the air cool, and to avoid common problems such as musty odours.  In addition, try using your air conditioning more efficiently by working with nature, rather than against it. Because hot air rises, try setting your climate controls to push the cool A/C air through the foot vents first, then open your windows to allow the hot air to move up and out more quickly, then close the windows. Once you’ve reached the desired temperature, use the car’s recirculating feature to help maintain it.

Do you have any tips to add?  Leave a comment below!