In The Event of a Heavy Rainfall – Good Hands Advice

Rain and Hurricane-Force Winds to Hit Atlantic Canada - Good Hands Advice

In the event of a heavy rainfall and freezing rain warnings, here’s some Good Hands Advice to help keep you safe:

Before the Storm

  • Discuss your emergency preparedness plan. Make sure all family members have each other’s contact information, and know where to meet in case of an emergency. Learn about the emergency plans at your workplace and your children’s school or daycare.
  • Assess your property:
    •  Remove or secure loose objects surrounding your home that could become airborne during high winds, such as garbage bins, patio furniture, barbecues, and yard debris.
    • Check trees and shrubs to remove any damaged or hanging limbs.
  • Clear a path for water. Clean downspouts and remove debris, like leaves and garbage, from sewer grates near your property.
  • Close your windows.
  • Put your car in the garage, if you have one.
  • Get things off your basement floor. If possible, move items to shelves or upper floors.

During the Storm

  • Stay Inside. The inside of a building is the safest place during a windstorm. Stay away from windows. Move to a small interior room such as a closet, bathroom, or under a flight of stairs.
  • Watch for water intrusion. Do not attempt to shut off electricity if any water is present. Water and live electrical wires can be lethal. Move to upper floors and stay out of water.
  • Listen for updates. If you’re told to leave your home, be sure to follow the recommended evacuation routes and never take shortcuts.

After the Storm

  • Keep out of any standing water. Hazards from floating debris, sewer contamination, live electrical wires, and slippery footing can make wading in flood waters extremely dangerous.
  • Return when it’s safe. Head home only when emergency authorities have advised you it is safe to do so.
  • Keep the power off. Do not turn on the power in your home after significant water damage. Ask your hydro company for assistance.
  • Record the damage. If possible, record details of any damage before you clean up. Take photos or video to help with your insurance company’s assessment.
  • Contact us. Once you’ve assessed the damage as best you can, contact our claims team at 1-800-561-7222