What is Seasonal Home Insurance?

Famille heureuse profitant de la vue de leur balcon au chalet.

‘Tis the season to be heading to your home-away-from-home. As the weather warms up, many Canadians will be heading to their cottages to escape the hustle and bustle of their everyday life. However, if you’re a cottage owner, have you considered seasonal home insurance?

If you’re unaware of what it is, then let this article be your helpful guide.

Seasonal insurance provides coverage for your recreational property separate from your primary homeowners insurance.

Who Needs Seasonal Home Insurance?

If you own a vacation home – such as a cottage or cabin – then you should consider seasonal home insurance.

What Does Seasonal Home Insurance Cover?

Just like your primary home insurance, it can help protect the building as well as your personal belongings.

Options can range from providing you with additional coverage for:

  • Additional Living Expenses – for example, if you need to move out of your cabin while repairs are being made, or if a specific type of damage to your home makes it unfit for occupancy.
  • Personal Liability Coverage – protecting you if you’re held liable for any minor or life-threatening injuries.
  • Personal Property – for coverage of contents found within your cottage property.

How Much Seasonal Home Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

There are two types of coverage you can consider when insuring your seasonal property. 

For example, a Broad Residential Fire policy, provides coverage for only specific damages as outlined in your policy (including fire, water damage, windstorm, vandalism, etc.). Whereas a Comprehensive Residential Fire policy provides coverage for all risks as well cover the cost for the full amount to replace your cottage/cabin.

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What Else Should I know Before Heading to My Cottage?

If you’re looking for advice on how to choose the right policy from your insurance company, we created an article that goes over the top 10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cottage Insurance Policy.

Already covered? Then check out this article that provides you with a Checklist For Opening Your Cottage.

Whether you own a cottage or a cabin, your home insurance agent should be able to help recommend coverage that’s right for you.

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