What Are the Steps Needed to Become a Responsible Pet Owner?

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Did you know that February marks the start of Responsible Pet Owners Month? But no matter what time of year it is we should all strive to be responsible pet owners. If you’re looking to bring home your first pet, or you’re an existing pet owner looking for tips, then this article is or you.

How to be a Responsible Pet Owner?

Recognize That Being a Pet Owner is a Life-Long Commitment

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When bringing home a new pet, it’s important to know that you are making a life-long commitment. Therefore, considerations should be made to ensure that you are providing your pet with a good quality of life. These include factoring them in for any major changes in your life and budgeting for any expenses they may incur (such as food, vet bills, toys, litter, etc.).

Be sure that you can feasibly expand your family to offer all the pet’s comforts without excessive strain to your finances and lifestyle.

Research Your Pets’ Breed and Learn its Characteristics

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Research breed characteristics when selecting or owning a pet. Animals, like people, have individual personalities and dietary/lifestyle needs. We spoke with Dr. Jennifer Sperry, veterinary advisor at Pets Plus Us, and she notes that “active people may prefer high-energy breeds, while those with a quieter lifestyle or limited space may opt for a “lap dog” or lower energy breed. She also recommends that you consider your family members’ allergies when choosing a pet.

Schedule Regular Visits to Your Veterinarian

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The key for your pets to live a long and healthy life is regular check ups with a trusted veterinarian. This will help ensure you’re up to date with your pets’ annual shots, providing them with their medication and continuing to stay informed of any dietary or fitness regiment they need to be on. When researching your pet, ensure you are aware of any diseases or any hereditary conditions your pet may be prone to. Your veterinarian will be able to recommend a course of action if your pet becomes injured or ill.

Proper Identification

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Whether you choose to input a microchip in your pet or have a tag with your contact information on your pet’s collar, it’s important they have proper identification. This is to ensure that if your pet is lost, whoever finds them will be able to contact you.

Spay or Neuter your Pets

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When it comes to spaying or neutering your pets Dr. Sperry recommends that you spay or neuter your pets to help protect against some potentially serious health problems and behavioural issues associated with their mating instincts. Your veterinarian can help you decide when the best time will be to spay or neuter your pet. Spaying and neutering prevents unwanted litters, helps protect against some potentially serious health problems and may reduce some behavioral problems associated with their mating instinct.

Pet-Proofing your Home

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Before bringing a new pet home, you should ensure that the house is properly pet proofed. We’ve previously provided tips for keeping your pets safe, where we identified a few ways you can pet-proof your home. Some tips include placing medications, cleaning products and anything that is toxic onto high counters or in cupboards and containers that pets can’t open, installing childproof latches for cabinets, and using baby gates to keep pets out of hazardous areas. Also, make sure wires from computers, televisions and lamps are out of reach, and not dangling.

Consider Pet Insurance

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Pet insurance serves to cover eligible medical expenses related to accidents or illnesses that affect your pet. It can help to offer financial relief for expensive veterinary bills and pet medication should your pet require emergency or ongoing medical care, making it worth considering. Talk to your insurance provider to help you find the right coverage options for your furry friend.

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