Get Access to Medical Assistance with the Click of a Button

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Canada’s aging population is on the rise. According to the United Nations Population Division, by 2030, almost 23% of the population in Canada will be 65 or older. However, more seniors want to stay in their homes. A recent National Institute of Ageing (NIA) Survey found that 91 percent of Canadians of all ages, and almost 100 percent of Canadians 65 years of age and older, say that they want to live independently in their own home as long as possible.

However, as we age, day-to-day activities can become more complex because of health issues. For example, falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations among Canadian seniors, and the Public Health Agency of Canada reports between 20% and 30% of seniors fall each year.

Partnership with Liberty Smart Security

That’s why Allstate Canada is pleased to offer Liberty Alert, a personal emergency response service through our partners at Liberty Smart Security*. We understand that seniors want to maintain their independence, and we want them to do so safely. A medical alert service offers peace of mind for the family and loved ones of those who could experience medical emergencies in and out of the home.

How Liberty Alert Works

With Liberty Alert, help is just a touch of a button away. It can help to ensure your safety while maintaining your independence by providing access to support in the event of a medical emergency. When you press the button, it triggers an alarm to Liberty’s monitored medical personal emergency response team.


  • 24/7 professional emergency home monitoring
  • Two-way voice communication connects you to a trained attendant
  • Security whether you’re at home or out and about
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) and cellular technology pinpoint your location
  • Optional geo-fencing “safe zone” alerts so that an emergency contact is notified if you’re outside of this area
  • Superior audio quality
  • Optional fall detection (added protection in the event of a fall where you may be unconscious or unable to press your help button)
  • If you can’t speak to the attendant when you press the button, help will be sent
  • Water resistant design
  • Extended battery life – 72 hours use

Watch more customer benefits in this short video.

Allstate wants you and your loved ones to feel safe in the place you call home, knowing you have a Liberty Alert. Keep doing the things you love, knowing you have added peace of mind at home or on the go!

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