10 Ways To Make Your Home Cozy For Fall

Directly above shot of unrecognizable young woman sitting in her cozy bed and enjoying a warm cup of tea on a cold fall day.

The air is getting crisp, and the leaves are about to change to brilliant shades of colour. As signs of fall emerge, take this opportunity to slow down and bring the season indoors to savour the things that make fall meaningful to you. From simple, natural fall decor ideas to reading nooks and cozy throws, here are some effortless tips to make your home warm and cozy.


Cozy bedroom interior inspired by autumn color scheme

Put away lighter quilts and bring out fluffy duvets that you can layer. Cover them in warmer-toned fall colours like orange, russet, yellow, red and earth tones. Your bedroom is your sanctuary where you can sink under the covers and feel comfy and secure.

Throw Pillows.

Brown and orange pillows on white bed

Grab your warm fall-hued throw pillows and decorate your bedroom and living areas with pops of colour. You can even arrange and layer them on the floor by your favourite window so you can sit on them and listen to music, read a book, or just practise mindfulness. And don’t forget some extra throws for your couches in the living room.

Bring the Fall Season Indoors.

Cozy blankets, candles, squash, and pumpkins, flowers and books by the window in bedroom.

For décor, consider bringing elements from outdoors, like miniature pumpkins, acorns, branches, leaves, and pinecones. Farmers’ markets and craft stores are great for finding simple fall decor. If you have a fireplace, decorate your mantel with height and balance. You can do this by mixing tall elements like vases with long twigs and flowers and placing several small items like picture frames of varying colours and textures like leaves and faux fruit (pears, mini pumpkins) as the focal point. Add a string of fairy lights to add some sparkle.


fall-scented candles

Lighting candles, especially fall-scented ones (pumpkin spice, cranberry, apple, etc.), can help you relax after a long stressful day. Scented candles fill a room with a sweet or spicy aroma, give an extra bit of light, and add a calming effect to your house. They instantly make any fall night cozier (for safety purposes, never leave burning candles unattended). You can also choose battery-operated candles, a great alternative to alleviate safety concerns.

Kitchen Décor.

The concept of autumn, home comfort, hot drinks and warmth.

Some people overlook the kitchen when decorating, but it’s an excellent spot for fall-inspired décor. Add a fall-themed table runner and napkins. You can also dress up your place settings with orange or gold napkin rings and place mini pumpkins on the table. Artwork on the fridge? Use fall-inspired magnets to hold them in place.

Home Diffusers and Essential Oils

Composition with incense sticks, diffuser, candles and books on the table in the interior of the room.

Can be used year-round to add a light touch of fragrance. If you want fall-scented oils, choose comforting, earthy fragrances like cinnamon, sandalwood, bergamot, or vanilla. You can also choose the classic autumnal harvests of apples, spicy pumpkins, and fresh figs.

Fall Cooking.

Mother and daughter in kitchen dusting cake with powdered sugar

It’s time to make space in your kitchen cupboards for classic comfort food and drinks. Stock up on hot chocolate, flavoured coffees and teas like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, harvest berry, apple, ginger, and chai. Pull out your rustic pots and get ready to cook typical fall like:

  • soups (chicken noodle and vegetable; sweet potato; creamy corn; squash)
  • shepherd’s pie
  • chilli
  • macaroni and cheese
  • slow cooker brisket
  • beef stew
  • roasted vegetables with candied pecans
  • pumpkin and apple pies
  • cinnamon buns

And don’t forget to share with a friend, neighbour or senior who may live alone and welcome such treats.

Reading Nook.

Cozy reading nook surrounded by houseplants with warm throw blanket by a window with no people

Is there anything comfier thancurling up with a book in your favourite chair with a throw strewn across your feet? Take the experience to the next level by creating a reading nook. Pull an accent chair into a corner, add a small table, and lamp, and throw pillows. And don’t forget a mug of hot chocolate and settle in to read your favourite book.

White Fairy Lights Aren’t Just for the Holidays.

Girl sitting on a blanket and reading book with a cup of coffee to go wearing woolen sweater and knitted shorts - home autumn cosiness and comfort concept, top view

Several types are available to be used in assorted sizes of strings. They can be woven on shelves and strewn on mirrors and headboards. Curtain fairy lights (looks like a curtain of lights) can be hung on walls, and you can even buy fairy light trees (lamps) to add unique soft lighting to any table.

Curb Appeal.

Colourful pumpkins, gourds and mums create a luxury autumn halloween and thanksgiving landscaping decor.

Your front porch should scream fall is here! From pumpkins to fall wreaths to pots of different coloured mums placed along your garden or your front door, it just takes a few small touches to create a stylish autumnal

Get started on your fall decorating today!

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