Top 10 Simple Do It Yourself (DIY) Activities To Do With Your Kids

Mère et fille qui dessinent

Your kids have watched everything on Netflix, finished reading all their books, and caught up with their homework, what now? We may be indoors for a bit, but who says staying home has to be boring? If you are looking for ways to combat the boredom, there are tons of fun DIY activities that you can do with your kids. So here’s our list of the top 10 simple DIY activities to do with your kids.

Get creative with your own indoor aquarium

Stick several large white boxes on the wall, at a child’s height, to create a bulletin board space. Throughout the week, they’ll be able to let their imagination run wild by drawing, painting and displaying their fish on this giant indoor aquarium.

Role play

For the little ones who like to dress up, suggest that they make a clown fish mask, a great classic! A template is available here. The costume of the perfect fisherman is also fun to make. You will need rubber boots, a cap, a plaid jacket, a raincoat, a rowboat (a large decorated box or a Rubbermaid style bin will do) and you can even use kitchen spatulas as oars.

For the little ones

Footprints of your children’s little hands is a great way to cherish the memories of them when they are young. Grab a bit of nontoxic and washable paint, gently apply them on their feet and hands, and lightly press them against the desired surface. Decorate, cut and paste these pretty prints on a card that can be sent to loved ones.

A new life for solitary gloves

How many times have you thrown a glove just because the other glove has disappeared somewhere between school and home? Instead of throwing another orphan glove in the trash, say hello to the cutest little fish ever seen. In addition to exercising your child’s creativity and fine motor skills, this activity develops children’s sense of humor by playing tricks.

A flying fish like Koinoboris

The Koinoboris meaning “carp streamer” in Japanese are windsocks in the shape of koi carp in bright colors, symbol of health, vigor, hope and happiness, which according to an old tradition, invade the sky in Japan to celebrate children’s day.

A mustache in the early morning

A simple idea that can just as easily be used to make children or parents laugh. During the nighttime quietly enter the bedroom of the person who sleeps peacefully (or mom or dad who pretends to be…) and draw a beautiful mustache with a washable Crayola pencil! Just be sure that the person you’re pranking will find it funny!

An origami fish

If your kids are adept at origami, or just getting started, this super simple origami fish is the perfect activity for them – just follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Fish on the back

A classic French game, “Poisson d’avril” is when children try to stick small fish to on their friends’ backs. Younger children can simply make a coloring.

Blooms for All

Flowers are an inexhaustible source of beauty, and ideas for crafts and activities to do with children from an early age. All young children love and are amazed by flowers.

The surprise box

To do this simple DIY activity, you will need a small box with a lid, colored paper and adhesive tape. Fold two strips of colored paper together in an accordion style and glue your image. Compress your wrapped paper, place it in your box and close the lid. Test it and give it to someone for a funny surprise! See the full tutorial.


Got anymore DIY activity suggestions? Leave us a comment below and share. We are sure there will be others just like you looking for fun things to do with the kids inside the house.