Think You Know What These Dashboard Warning Lights Mean? [Quiz]

Image du voyant d'avertissement d'une voiture

You may have come across warning lights that appear on your dashboard. While some may be more common – such as a check engine light or low fuel light – others may not seem so obvious.

As car owners, it’s your responsibility to keep up with your car’s maintenance. This will help to lower the likelihood of you needing roadside assistance or paying a hefty repair bill. To help, we’ve developed a quiz that will help test your knowledge of these warning lights.

Think you have what it takes to score 10/10? Find out by participating below.

Multiple Choice Quiz

How did you do? Did you get 10/10? Whether you’re an experienced driver, or a beginner, the Good Hands Advice team has several articles to check out to help broaden your knowledge of car safety.

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