Looking for an Apartment Rental? Consider These 10 Features.

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The hunt for the perfect apartment can be difficult. A range of factors might influence your decision – this can include the location, pricing, and amenities. And while these are certainly important qualities to consider, there may be other things you may not have included in your apartment search.

So, before you begin, check out our list of the 10 features you should consider when searching for a rental property.

What Should I Consider When Searching for an Apartment?

Lease Agreement

While it may seem obvious to read any documents before you sign them, some people may overlook it. Your rental agreement outlines the terms of the lease; these can include rules about owning pets, having guests over, or even penalties for overdue payments. So, you must spend time reading the details of your lease agreement once your rental application has been approved.

Safety and Security

How important is safety and security in your home? It should be your number one priority! In 2022 it was reported that there have been 132,897 incidents of breaking and entering in Canada.

When searching for an apartment consider the following:

  • Is there on-site security or security cameras found throughout the property?
  • Are there safeguards in place to prevent unwanted guests from entering the property?
  • Have there been any ongoing incidents of theft or other crimes committed on the property?

Don’t be afraid to ask the questions regarding your safety and security.


Speaking of safety and security, while you may have considered the walkability score of your apartment, have you considered the quality of your neighbourhood?

Again, consider the safety of the neighbourhood you’re planning to live in. Are there emergency services nearby? Have there been any reported crimes that took place in the area? You may also want to consider the air quality of the area you plan to live in as well.


Have you thought about your future neighbours?

Consider asking the property manager/owner about your prospective neighbours. Are they friendly, do they keep to themselves, what is their age range, are they noisy?

All these questions should be asked to have a better understanding of your neighbours and to determine if this is a deal breaker.


The beauty of renting an apartment is that major maintenance is often overseen by the property manager. Therefore, consider asking the types of maintenance they offer and how the maintenance responsibility is distributed between landlord and tenants. What (if any) is their procedure in filing a maintenance request? How long does it typically take to repair something?

What about around the actual property? Do they shovel the walkways in winter, clear leaves and debris in the fall? Want to know how they manage maintenance? It can be as simple as looking around the property and seeing how they upkeep it.

Quality of Appliances

While some people may take a preliminary glance around an apartment unit, it’s important to take a deeper dive into evaluating the quality of the appliances. Ensure that chattels and fixtures like the light switches, outlets, and kitchen appliances are operational.

Don’t forget to check inside the washroom as well – does the faucet work? Are the drains clear? Does the toilet flush? Don’t forget that this may be your future unit, so you should assess the quality of the appliances.

Apartment Reviews

The best person who can tell you about the quality of your apartment would be those who’ve lived there before. If you’re renting from a company, consider looking them up online to see what people said about living in their units or dealing with management.

If you’re renting from a private owner, as much as it is an opportunity for the owner to get to know you, don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Ask the owner about their previous tenant and why they chose to move out, or what people often say is the best thing about living in their unit.


Your unit may be too small to house all your personal property, so see if your property manager offers a storage unit. If so, assess the size of the unit to determine if it will be enough space to keep your additional items. If it’s too small, you may have to decide if it’s worth pursuing the apartment.


If you own a car, you may understand that parking is a mandatory requirement for you, however, consider the type of parking space they offer. You may be interested in knowing that some insurance companies may consider where your car is parked when determining rates (with slightly lower rates going toward drivers with underground parking).

Tenant Insurance

Finally, while tenant insurance can be mandatory with property managers if you rent from a private owner they may not care if you have tenant insurance. However, most building owner’s insurance policies will only cover the structure itself, not your personal belongings.

Tenant insurance can help cover the cost of replacing your stuff if it’s unexpectedly damaged, ruined or stolen in a covered situation, such as fire or theft. So be sure to speak with your insurance provider for a tenant insurance quote.

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