Big Small Acts of Kindness: Alexis Duncan

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Allstate Canada Group and its employees care deeply about the wellbeing of people and organizations across Canada, and we are proud to support them as they give back to their communities.

Although the current pandemic has not always allowed our employees to volunteer in a traditional manner, many have decided to get creative. These Big Small Acts of Kindness are examples of simple things that many people can do and might make a big impact for those in need. As an example, here is the story of one of our employees:

Name of Employee: Alexis Duncan
Job Title: Business Development Agent
Number of Years at Allstate Canada Group of Companies: 2
Charity/Organization Supported: Compass Food Bank

Allstate Agent, Alexis Duncan

  1. Tell us the story of how you got started with the “Spread the Joy” campaign. I am a member of a networking business group called the Mississauga and Area Women in Business (MAWB) and in the group we were looking to fill 100 stockings for those in need in December. Through networking with my friends, family and social media connections, I was able to raise $3,000 in ten days for the Compass Food Bank. I was able to help collect the money and use it to shop for stocking stuffers, coordinate the drop-off of stockings and I even had my 3-year-old granddaughter help fill stockings. Through the hard work of everyone involved, collectively we were able to surpass our goal and fill over 300 stockings.
  2. Why are you passionate about this cause? During the holiday season, I learned that across the country volunteerism and donations to charities had decreased in comparison to 2019. It was alarming to hear, however I’ve always been passionate about volunteering, and I wasn’t going to let COVID stop me from helping those who are going through rough times.
  3. What does volunteerism mean to you? Volunteering means a variety of things. For me, it’s teaching my children about the importance of giving back, it means strengthening my personal values, building relationships with likeminded people and ultimately helping others.
  4. How has your volunteerism adapted to COVID? When I volunteered to help with this campaign, we had to be mindful of social distancing. To help limit the spread of the disease, I volunteered to collect the funds and do the shopping for the stocking stuffers. This was great because I was able to assist others who may not have been able to do the shopping themselves and it made it easier for people to contribute financially without worrying that they need to be physically in the stores. I’ve also attended many virtual fundraising events during COVID, and used my social media platform to drive awareness and support for the various other charitable organizations I support.
  5. What advice would you give to people looking to volunteer but don’t know how to get started? It really comes down to passion at the end of the day. My advice would be to choose a charity that you are passionate about and reach out to them to inquire about how you can help – it can be as simple as sending out an email.
  6. What are you hoping to accomplish in 2021 with other businesses/organizations? Through my involvement with MAWB as well as my own independent projects with organizations I personally support, I am hoping to continue to support local charities and raise awareness in my community.