Avoid Pothole Pitfalls: Your Guide to Spring Driving

Évitez les nids-de-poule : votre guide pour la conduite printanière

As Canadians know all too well, spring driving on city roads (especially after a very cold winter) is akin to driving a 4×4 through an Amazonian bush safari. But not only does an increase of potholes and uneven surfaces across roadways lead to bumpier rides, these infamous road hazards can also result in significant damage to vehicles if they are not handled with care.

Problem is, according to a new Léger poll conducted on behalf of Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, 78 per cent of Quebec drivers use the wrong techniques when approaching potholes. For example, some say they swerve to avoid potholes, while others say they will suddenly hit the brakes in hopes of lessening impact, but neither of these options are good techniques.

We spoke with Jean-Denis Quenneville, Vice President of the Québec Association of Mechanics & Tire Specialists, for the best advice. ‘‘You don’t want to slam on the brakes while going over a pothole. The tires, wheels, alignment and suspension may take on more impact, and abruptly turning the steering wheel could cause even more damage, while increasing your risk hitting other cars and causing a collision. There are a lot of factors to consider simultaneously,” he adds.

Here’s what our expert recommends to help you survive pothole season:


Infographic about stats having to do with potholes and how to avoid them