5 Ways to Remove Stickers & Decals From Car Windows

Elderly woman removing sticker off a car

When you get a new vehicle registration sticker or parking pass, you know what that means — it’s time to remove the old one. But peeling those old stickers off your car’s windshield or license plate can be difficult, and it often leaves behind sticky residue. 

Before reaching for a plastic scraper or a razor blade, which could scratch the surface of your windshield, use non-abrasive ways to help get rid of lingering residue on your windshield.

Instead of buying an adhesive remover, try one of these five ways that Better Homes and Gardens suggests to remove stickers from car windows with supplies you probably have at home.

Remove Stickers With Peanut Butter

Peanut butter isn’t only good in sandwiches, it can also help to remove stickers from glass windows. Leave the peanut butter on the sticker residue until it softens for easy removal.

  • Use a spatula to cover the sticker residue on your window with creamy peanut butter.
  • Let the peanut butter sit on your windshield until the residue has a chance to soften.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe off the peanut butter and softened sticker residue.
  • Clean your windshield with window cleaner to remove any streaking.

Remove Stickers With Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is one of the most effective solvents for removing decals and stickers from glass, wood or plastic.  

  • Soak a whole clean rag with rubbing alcohol.
  • Hold the soaked rag on top of the residue. Leave it there for several minutes to allow the residue on the glass to soften, suggests Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Use the alcohol-soaked rag to wipe away the residue.
  • Polish it up by cleaning the area with glass cleaner to remove any streaking.

Remove Stickers With Spray Lubricant

Spray lubricants, such as WD-40, have a lot of uses from fixing squeaky hinges to loosening rusted bolts. It can also remove the residue left behind by stickers, decals, tape and labels.

  • Apply a spray lubricant directly onto the sticker residue.
  • Let the spray lubricant sit on the sticker residue for several minutes to soften the adhesive, Better Homes and Gardens says.
  • Use a clean rag to completely remove the spray lubricant and the residue.
  • If necessary, use window cleaner to remove any remaining residue, lubricant or streaking.

Remove Stickers With Cooking Oil

Canola or olive oil can be used to remove sticker glue from a car windshield and it’s something everyone has in the cupboard at home.

  • Apply cooking oil directly to the sticky surface.
  • Allow oil to soften the sticker.
  • Scrape away the remainder of the sticker with your fingers or use a clean rag.
  • Wipe away the oil and, if necessary, use window cleaner to remove any excess.

Remove Stickers With Vinegar

White vinegar has long been used to remove grease, grime and dirt and hailed as a natural, non-toxic cleaning agent.

  • Soak a rag or paper towel in white vinegar and lay across the sticker.
  • Let the vinegar soak into the area to soften the sticker.
  • Pull up the corners of the sticker or use a plastic scraper to peel it off.
  • Scrape away the sticky residue from the area.

Do you have any tried-and-tested methods to remove stickers from a car windshield? Tell us below in the comments!

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