3 Tips for Travelling Smart this Holiday Season

3 Tips for Travelling Smart this Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching and many Canadians are planning their winter getaways. If you and your family are lucky enough to be heading somewhere tropical this year, you’re probably already dreaming of warm air, golden sand, and swaying palms.

Wherever your holidays take you, these three tips will help ensure smooth sailing ahead.

1. Don’t let bad weather ruin a good trip

Winter weather is unpredictable. From here to your destination, it can run the gamut from ice storms, to heavy rain, to hurricanes… all of which could impact your travel plans.

  • To avoid missed flights, leave plenty of time to get to the airport. Book extra time between connecting flights and check-in online in advance to avoid lineups and disappointment in case your flights are overbooked
  • Get Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption insurance that will cover your costs if your flight is interrupted or cancelled due to bad weather.
  • If worst comes to worst and you need to be evacuated from a remote location while vacationing due to a hurricane or other natural disaster, certain travel insurance coverage will get you to the nearest accessible point.

2. Stay safe and protected on your adventures

If you’re the adventurous type, bungee jumping, surfing, or scuba diving may be more your style than relaxing on the beach with a book. Get the most out of the experience by protecting yourself.

  • Look for the best available coverage and consider whether the policies you’re considering have the following:

1. Out-of-country hospitalization for injury and related medical costs
2. Coverage for doctors’ visits and prescriptions
3. Medical air evacuation for return to Canada or to the nearest medical facility for required medical care
4. Emergency dental care
5. Emergency transportation (like air ambulance services)

  • If you’re doing an extreme sport like bungee jumping or scuba diving, do your homework. Make sure the activity operator has staff with proper qualifications and a good safety record before putting down a deposit and signing a waiver.
  • Get comprehensive travel medical insurance and know what is included in your coverage. Many travel insurance policies will not cover you if you participate in certain sports and recreational activities and you have a medical emergency.

3. If you drink, do so responsibly

While you’re on that well-deserved vacation, you may want to relax with an alcoholic beverage. One rule of thumb: drink responsibly.

  • Practice moderation—know how much you’re drinking and be aware that alcoholic beverages may be stronger than what you’re used to at home.
  • Watch your drink. Just like you would at home, never leave your drink unattended, even if you’re just stepping away for a minute.
  • Know that if you experience an accident or a medical emergency due to intoxication, travel insurance won’t cover you.

I hope these tips will help you stay safe and enjoy your next getaway! Remember, for complete peace of mind, figure out what kind of coverage you’re looking for and purchase travel insurance before you go. No one wants to deal with accidents, medical emergencies, missed flights, or lost luggage on holiday, but you’ll be able to relax better knowing that you’re protected while you’re away from home.

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