12 Winter Activities For Kids

Father watching his son build a snowman

Winter can be quite the polarizing (pun intended) season; some people either love it or hate it. As a summer baby myself, I fall into the latter camp. However in my research in creating this article I discovered there’s a lot of fun winter activities you can do – and if you have children, then this article is right for you!

So, here’s our list of fun family-friendly activities you can do with your kids.

Indoor Activities to do This Winter

When the weather outside is frightful and you’re looking for something so delightful – here’s some of our ideas for indoor activities to do.

Bake Holiday Treats

Mother and son decorating gingerbread cookies with icing sugar

There’re so many winter-inspired treats you can create, from cakes, sugar cookies, brownies, gingerbread cookies, fudge and so much more!

Use this as an opportunity to introduce your kids (if you haven’t already) to baking. Teach them about the materials to use (such as a measuring bowl, rolling pin, utensils, etc.), how to read and follow baking instructions, as well as educating them on kitchen safety.

You can find websites that offer kid-friendly baking recipes as well as Christmas-inspired recipes.

Holiday-Inspired Arts and Crafts

Children making holiday cards

There’s plenty of ways to channel your child’s creativity through arts and crafts. Some of my favourites include creating a snowflake – where I would take a piece of paper, fold it, and make small incisions in the paper to eventually reveal a unique shape and design.

You can also decorate pinecones (bonus points if you and your kids find them outdoors) with glitter, pompoms, and pipe cleaners. This can also be an ornament for your home.

While not an extensive list, use this time to brainstorm and ask your kids what they would like to make. It will bring them great joy to know that they’re contributing to the direction of the activity – and to see their final product up on display.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these easy Christmas crafts for kids.

Build an Indoor Fort

Mom and her children in their indoor fort

As a kid I have fond memories of building an indoor fort with my younger sisters.

What we would do is take a blanket and place it on the floor, and position four chairs with their backs facing inward on each corner. We would then take pillows and other materials to build fluffy walls, then use a larger blanket for a roof.

It’s a great way for your children to have their own space to hang out, play video games or even watch Christmas movies.

Christmas Movie Marathon

Happy family enjoying on sofa, watching TV

Speaking of Christmas movies, host a Christmas movie marathon. Many streaming services will offer Christmas movies for people of all ages to enjoy. Consider assigning each member of the house to present one movie to watch each day leading up to Christmas.

Go See a Ballet

Nutcracker ballet

Something that is on my list to do this holiday season is to see The Nutcracker. Get into the holiday spirit by watching a Christmas-themed ballet. You’ll certainly feel the holiday spirit fill the theater as you witness these dancers embodying your favourite characters.

Make Holiday Cards

Young girl making homemade Christmas cards

An annual tradition in our family is to create our own holiday cards. Now this can be done in one of two ways.

Option one – Create your own digital holiday cards by wearing holiday-themed outfits and taking plenty of photos to share with your loved-ones. Get your kids involved by having them pitch their ideas of what to wear and where they suggest taking photos.

Option two – You can go the DIY route and create holiday cards by hand. You can grab pre-made cards and customize the inside or have your kids take a piece of colourful construction paper and make the card from scratch. Be sure to use plenty of supplies to truly make it your own!

Fun Outdoor Winter Activities to do

If you’re looking for something to do outside the home – and if the cold weather doesn’t bother you anyways – here’s some outdoor activities.

Go to Your Local Santa Clause Parade

Christmas parade

The Santa Clause Parade is the opportunity to see all your favourite characters – Rudolph, Frosty, and of course ol’ Saint Nick.

Many municipalities across the country typically hold Santa Clause parades between November to December. Be sure to check online or your local Community Pages to see when the Santa Clause parade is coming to your city.

See the Lights

Entire residential street and houses decorated for Christmas.

Another core memory with family during this time would be the walks (or drives) we would take around our neighbourhood to see decorations. It was always a treat to get some hot chocolate and simply marvel at our neighbours’ winter wonderland décor.

If you haven’t already put up your outdoor decorations, it may serve to inspire your home décor as well.

Visit a Maple Syrup Farm

Maple sap buckets positioned on trees

Couldn’t get anymore Canadian than visiting a maple syrup farm. If your kids are the curious types, they may be interested in knowing how syrup is made.

Depending on where you go, you may get a chance to gather your own sap from a tree, or simply make your own maple syrup snow candy.  

Do a Nature Walk

Family hiking in winter forest

Who says hiking is exclusive to summer or fall? You can have the same adventures by journeying out during the winter months. You can purchase snowshoes and hike a trail, play a game of eye spy, or put your forensic skills to the test by seeing if you can identify an animal’s paw print.

Our team has also put together a list of ways you can stay active during winter.

DIY Bowling

DIY Bowling

Did you know that you can create your own makeshift bowling ally in your garage? First fill five or 10 plastic bottles with water, and make sure to leave at least an inch of space from the top (this is to account for the water expending when frozen).

Then fill a few balloons with water. Leave them all outside to freeze. Once frozen, align your water bottles in the same formation as you would see in a bowling ally; take your (now frozen) water balloon and see how many “pins” you can knock down. For young children, ensure they wear gloves when participating in this activity.


Group of people volunteering this holiday season

Lastly, remember that this is the season of giving. Consider volunteering at soup kitchens, homeless centres, or simply look around your home for items to donate. It’s a great way to not only teach your children about the importance of giving back, but to help those in need.

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