Travel Insurance and COVID-19

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For about two-fifths of Canadian respondents to a Leger survey commissioned by Allstate, a vacation did not happen during the pandemic. As we look toward the winter travel season this year, it may help to look at Canadians’ summer plans as an indication of how busy travel hubs like airports and train stations may be. When we asked respondents in May 2022 if they will be traveling, 42% said they were planning a vacation in the summer, and it would be their first time away from home since March of 2020. More broadly, 62% of respondents who were active on social media said they were planning a trip, with about 26% of them planning to leave their home province.

The survey suggests that some Canadians are eager to travel after the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19. While many government travel restrictions have loosened, COVID can still impact a trip. However, travel insurance can help by offering some protection.

Does travel insurance cover COVID-19?

While not all travel insurance policies do, Allstate agents can offer Canadians protection from disruption to travel plans due to COVID-19 with TripMate Travel Insurance* offered by TuGo. 

This Emergency Medical Insurance can cover medical expenses incurred due to COVID, such as treatment or hospital stays, if, before your departure date, you’re compliant with the most current Canadian Federal Government COVID-19 vaccine requirements for entry and/or return to Canada. Since there aren’t currently Federal Government COVID-19 vaccine requirements for entry and/or return to Canada, TuGo’s COVID-19 coverage is available regardless of vaccination status.

While emergency medical insurance will not reimburse travellers for cancelled or interrupted travel arrangements, Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance can. If you or your travel companion must cancel your travel plans due to COVID-19 sickness, this coverage can help ease the financial impact of not being able to use your non-refundable, pre-paid travel arrangements.

Remember, different insurance companies offer different types of products and coverage options, so it’s best to speak with an insurance professional to understand what kind of travel insurance is right for your vacation plans.

What other medical expenses can travel insurance cover?

With TripMate Emergency Medical Insurance coverage, travellers covered under the policy can access a range of services including hospitalization and outpatient treatment,  ambulance services, x-rays, prescription drugs and more.

While no one plans to get sick or hurt during their vacation, it can happen. The challenge is only a fraction of the costs related to visiting a hospital or doctor outside of Canada will be covered by a provincial healthcare program like the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) or the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). In fact, it’s often less than 10%. That’s why emergency medical insurance is important to include in your trip planning.

TripMate Emergency Medical Insurance can do more than just cover visits to the emergency room. It can also provide support for services such as emergency dental services or vision care. For example, if your prescription glasses are lost, broken, or stolen during your trip, this type of coverage can help pay for the expense of a new pair. Travel medical insurance can also cover other medical expenses, such as one follow-up visit after an initial emergency, fracture treatment and even the unexpected birth of a child. Take the time to thoroughly review your policy and reach out to your insurance professional with any questions to ensure that you understand your coverage.

Will travel insurance cover flight delays and cancellations?

Yes, it can. TripMate Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance can provide coverage in the event your flight is cancelled or delayed. For flight delays, Allstate customers that purchased travel insurance can also take advantage of a program (at no extra charge) that allows travellers to instantly receive either a cash payout or access to the airport’s lounge for flight delays of more than two hours. There are other benefits, as well. Depending on the length of the flight delay and the type of coverage you purchase, you can access coverage for accommodations, entertainment expenses, clothing and more.

Will travel insurance cover flight cancellations or interruptions due to COVID?

With TuGo’s TripMate Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance, coverage is available if your trip is cancelled or interrupted due to COVID-19 sickness.

However, other COVID-related cancellations or interruptions, like flight cancellations, job loss, etc. won’t be covered.

When is the right time to purchase travel insurance?

There’s a lot to consider when planning a trip. A vacation can involve flights, accommodations, car rentals, tours, restaurant reservations, and more. Things can be even more complicated if you’re planning an extended trip, such as “snowbirds” getting away for the colder months in Canada. But once you have booked the travel tickets, that’s the ideal time to explore buying travel insurance to help you make the most of your coverage. However, if you missed that window, speak with an insurance professional to understand what options are available to you. There’s still a lot of benefit to exploring travel insurance before you head to the airport.

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Léger was commissioned by Allstate to conduct a survey among Canadians to find out their travel plans for the summer. To meet research objectives, a web survey was conducted May 6-9, 2022, among a sample of 1,534 Canadians of which 1,076 are active on social media, aged 18 and over. To ensure a representative sample of the population, the results were weighted according to the gender, age, mother tongue, province, education and the presence of children in the household.