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Tech Trends to Help Keep You Safe

6 Tech Trends to Help Keep You Safe

We may not be in the age of The Jetsons just yet, but many people today are using smart devices, mobile phones and other connected technology in their personal lives and homes with the intent of making things easier and safer. At the current pace of change though, it can be hard to keep track of what’s available today.

Here are six real-life technology trends to help keep you safe:

1)   Video Door Bells

What is it? – A wireless camera/speaker that is mounted at your front door, connects to your home Wi-Fi and syncs to your smart phone. It then will send video clips directly to your phone when motion is detected and someone approaches your door.

Why would you want it? –  To find out who’s outside without leaving the couch, to know who’s dropping off a package, or – worst case – to be notified immediately if someone is attempting to break into your house. This trend offers many benefits to your safety, is fairly inexpensive and will keep you and your front door connected at all times.

2) Internet Connected Smoke Alarms and CO2 Detectors

What is it? – Small devices that monitor for smoke, CO2 and sometimes even air quality that are synced with your smart phone.

Why would you want it? – Many fire and CO2 disasters happen not because people don’t have smoke and CO2 alarms, but because the batteries have been removed or are no longer working. Having the devices hooked up to your smartphone will alert you if the batteries are low. These devices are easy to install, with straightforward setups. A majority are also wirelessly connected to each other, causing all of them to ring and alert you if one goes off anywhere in your home.

3) Personal Safety Devices

What is it? – A wearable device, sometimes available as jewellery, with a small button that when pushed will alert family members, friends or the authorities if you press it.

Why would you want it? –  Whether you’re walking through campus by yourself, down a dark walkway late at night or live alone, these devices can give you peace of mind knowing others are just a touch of a button away when you may need them most.

4) Biometric Sensors That Connect You Right to Your Doctor

What is it? – Measuring your blood pressure or weight? These devices will sync to your phone, track your results and then send all of the information directly to your doctor.

Why would you want it? – Many health conditions require daily measurements for your on- going health monitoring. This can be time consuming and many people may forget to monitor their results. Using this device will create a reminder that appears on your phone and then sends the results immediately to your health care provider. Your doctor can monitor and alert you if measurements are off. The automation achieved with this device can make this daily task safer and easier.

5) Refrigerator Spoilage Cameras and Apps

What is it? – Smart Fridges, Cameras or Apps that sync with your phone to help you monitor what is going into your fridge.

Why would you want it? – Not sure how old that milk is? Smart fridges use cameras and apps to keep track of what is going on with the food inside your fridge. It will alert you when food is spoiling or even if you are running low on certain staples. If you don’t have a smart fridge, there are various apps and cameras available for purchase that you can use. Some of these apps scan your grocery receipt and automatically organize an expiring food calendar for you based off what it finds! This can help eliminate food waste and keep you from using potentially harmful, spoiled foods.

6) Safety Features in Cars

What is it?- Many cars now include cameras, sensors, crash prevention technology and can even park themselves to help make your driving experience safer and easier.

Why would you want it? – No matter how experienced you are as a driver, accidents can happen, which is why cars are being built with technology designed to keep you safer.  Back up cameras help you to navigate from behind and cameras, lasers and other sensors placed strategically on and throughout your vehicle can alert you if you are closing in on an object in front of you or to the side, causing your steering wheel to vibrate to alert you. Some of these cars will even brake for you if they sense you may hit something.

These are some technology trends that you can add into your life today to help make things easier and safer.

Are there other technology trends you are currently using to make your life easier?