7 Important Hand Signals for Snowmobilers [Video]

Seven Important Hand Signals for Snowmobilers

Winter is a long season; it’s important to find activities to keep you and your family busy and active while you wait for spring. One winter pastime that has gained popularity over the years is snowmobiling, with over 1.5 million people sledding across the country.

To learn more about this sport we reached out to Chris Brookes, Executive Director of the Alberta Snowmobile Association, to find out the most important piece of advice he had for families interested in getting into nature, interacting with others and experiencing the great outdoors through snowmobiling. His answer? Hand signals.

“We teach the importance of hand signals to all snowmobilers. They make it easier to communicate with other riders and keep the trails safer,” said Brookes. With that in mind, take the time to go over this video with your family and friends before hitting the trails to help keep you and your fellow riders safe.

Key Hand Signals for Snowmobilers