Safe Driving Study 2018: Ten Years of Road Safety Awareness

Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study

For 10 years, the Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study has ranked Canada’s safest cities, promoted safe driving practices, and raised awareness of road safety issues in communities throughout the country. Why? You ask. Because we want to do all we can to help prevent collisions, protect drivers, and keep you feeling safer, more confident, and more secure behind the wheel.

This year, after crunching the numbers, we discovered that (drumroll please!) Hanmer, Ontario has been identified as Canada’s safest community over the last decade with an average collision frequency rate of 3.8 per cent!

Take a look at some of the interesting insights we found when we rolled up our sleeves and dove in to 10 years of data (we also included some safety tips so drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike can stay safe on our roads!)

Allstate Takes Action

In honour of year 10, we decided it was time to do more – it was time to take action to help make Canadian communities safer. We want you to tell us about things in your community that could be changed to improve safety. We will implement one of the improvement ideas submitted to Allstate Takes Action in 2019 (we may even implement more!) Plus, just for submitting an idea you could win one of three $1,000 gas gift cards (we call that a win-win).


*The 2018 Safe Driving Study looks at Allstate Canada collision frequencies for a 10-year period beginning July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2018. Collision frequency refers to a percentage of vehicles insured by Allstate Canada involved in a collision that resulted in a claim.