Safe Celebrations: Tips for Party-Goers and Social Hosts

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Safe Celebrations: Tips for Party-Goers and Social Hosts

Parties and celebrations offer a great chance for special gatherings between family and friends. Sadly, they also lead to an increased risk of impaired driving if the festivities include alcohol.

Here are some simple tips everyone can follow to help make our roads safer.

For party-goers

Whether you are going to an event or club, or just attending a quiet celebration with family and friends, always have a plan in place if you are going to be drinking:

  • Take a cab or public transit;
  • Arrange for a designated driver;
  • Plan to spend the night.

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For party hosts

As a party host, there are some simple precautions you can take to ensure your guests get home safely.

  • Have lots of food and non-alcoholic/low alcohol beverages available. Party hosts looking for non-alcoholic beverage options to serve can consider MADD Virgin Drinks, which are available at participating supermarkets, drugstores, and other retailers.
  • Serve drinks yourself so you can monitor how much your guests are drinking.
  • Don’t serve alcohol to anyone who is already intoxicated.
  • Know how your guests are getting home and who is driving.
  • Have numbers available for taxi companies, or if you have Uber in your area, download the APP.
  • Be prepared to have intoxicated guests spend the night at your home.
  • Stop serving alcohol long before you expect the party to wind up.
  • Keep track of your own alcohol consumption. The more you drink, the more difficult it will be for you to supervise the event.
  • For more information on safeguarding your guests, see MADD Canada’s pamphlets on social hosts’ legal liability.

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Be cautious and take action

If you are out on the road and you spot what you suspect is an impaired driver, maintain a safe distance and don’t attempt to pass their vehicle. After pulling over safely, call 911 and alert the police. Give them as much information as possible, such as licence plate number, make, model and colour of vehicle, and the direction the vehicle is travelling.

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