Providing Homeowners with Peace of Mind

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At Allstate Canada, we take pride in providing our customers with peace of mind by offering a range of prevention and protection services. As part of that commitment, Allstate Canada is proud to announce the introduction of the Claim-Free Bonus Cheque as a reward for responsible homeowners who take preventative actions to protect their homes and condominiums and are claim-free for a full year.

Who Is Eligible?

All Allstate Canada customers with either a homeowner, or a condominium, policy are eligible.

Tenant and Residential Fire Rental lines are not included at this time.

How Does It Work?

Customers who are claim-free for the full term of their policy will receive a reward cheque. Homeowners receive $50 and condominium owners receive $25.

What Do I Need To Do?

Not a thing. Cheques will automatically be mailed to customers before their renewal offer, along with a congratulatory message!

Please note: The bonus cheque is independent of any renewal offer.

Learn More

Speak to your local agent to learn more about this offer. To find a local agent nearest you visit

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