Preserving Your Precious Digital Memories

Preserving Your Precious Digital Memories

It is predicted that 1.2 trillion photos will be taken in 2017.

People are taking more pictures than ever before and if you’re like my family, you tend to take more photos during really important times, like weddings, birthdays, vacations and the holiday season.  From family gatherings with large feasts and beautiful décor, to enjoying glorious vistas with loved ones, you are going to want to preserve those memories for years to come.

Although new camera and smartphone technology can help keep your images and precious moments safe, accidents can happen, such as accidental content deletion.  You could also lose your device or it could become irreparably damaged. Since something could happen at any time, you should take action regularly to preserve your digital photos.

But, first things first. Before you save everything, be sure to organize your photos.  Delete the blurry ones, duplicates, and any you don’t want to keep.  Next, put them into categories.  Sorting by date or occasion generally works best.  Once you’ve completed this step, you can work towards backing up your images.

Here are 5  ways you can help protect your digital photos:

  1. Upload your memory cards (from your smartphone and/or digital camera) onto your computer. You can find instructions on how to do this in your device’s manual or by searching the manufacturer’s website.
  2. To add another layer of protection, you can store your content on a cloud. Cloud computing allows you to store and access your data over the Internet – instead of, or in addition to, your computer.  Keep in mind that clouds may not always be 100 per cent secure.
    A photographer working on a computer.
  3. Too much stuff already on your computer? Keep copies of your images on an external hard drive and enable password protection for security. You may want to store the hard drive in a fireproof safe or offsite (such as a family member’s house).
  4. Use an image-hosting service such as Flickr or Google Photos. These services allow you to upload photos directly from your smartphone or computer. Make sure to protect your account with a strong password and also review the service’s privacy terms to make sure you’re okay with them!
  5. Go old school and print your photos. You can create an album for each occasion, frame them, or turn them into calendars to give as gifts.

Have you thought about backing up your photos?  Let us know which of these tips you’ll be using in the comments below!