Spring cleaning tasks you may overlook


After a long winter, many homeowners get the itch to freshen-up their living space with a bit of spring cleaning. Some of you may be considering a major project that could involve reorganizing and decluttering.

Others will keep it light, putting fresh flowers out on the first day of spring, or changing the pillow selection on the living room couch. For many, nothing screams spring more than taking out the patio furniture.

Many homeowners know there are specific seasonal tasks that must be carried out as part of regular upkeep of their property. But, while changing the batteries in your smoke and CO2 detectors can become synonymous with the start of daylight saving time, there are some home maintenance tasks that can be overlooked as part of a spring cleaning effort.

Let’s list some here.

  • Check for cracks in your home’s foundation. Take a stroll around your home and look for cracks in your foundation as they can lead to water seeping into your home and causing major problems during a spring thaw or heavy rain. Some cracks can be filled with a sealant while others may need further repairs. If you’re not sure what to do with what you find, contact a professional to ensure potential problems are addressed immediately.
  • Check the landscaping. While outdoors, take the time look for large tree branches that could cause damage to your roof during a windstorm. Contact a professional to help with the clean-up in a way that will keep your trees healthy.
  • Clean the sump pump. To help prevent water damage, a well-functioning sump pump can protect your home by sensing rising water levels or pressure in the pipes. So, keep your sump pump in good working order with a thorough cleaning by pulling the pump out of the basin to remove any dirt or debris. Also, clean the pump inlet screen to allow water to enter the pump chamber freely.
  • Check filters. Yes, change that dirty filterin your furnace. But are there others that could use some attention? Certain air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and humidifiers have filters as well. Clogscan mean this equipment will use more energy or not function as well as they could, so replace the filters.
  • Clean the vent from your clothes dryer. Lint trap cleaning is, of course, always recommended. But when was the last time you cleared the tubing that directs the dryer’s exhaust out of your house? This can see a build-up of fibres as well and is important to keep clear.

With warmer and sunnier days ahead, many Canadians will be thinking about spring cleaning. Consider adding these (possibly) overlooked tasks to your list this season!

This information has been provided for your convenience only and should not be construed as providing legal or insurance advice.