Life Hacks to Help You Make the Most of Fall!

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Life Hacks to Help You Make the Most of Fall!

Fall is usually a pretty busy time of year for us Canadians – there’s the back-to-school rush and, of course, those awkward moments when you try to decide what to wear during the tricky transition between summer and fall. With so much to look forward to – and in continuing with the trend we started with our spring and summer hacks – we’ve decided to give you a hand with fall too! Read on to learn how to make the transition from summer to fall with ease with our fall life hacks.

What better way to kick off fall life hacks than to provide some quick cleaning tips for your car. After all, those summer road trips can really make a mess of your vehicle.

Clean your car life hack - Allstate Canada

And, if we’re going to acknowledge that summer has finally given way to fall, then it means that the kids are back at school and lunches need to be packed. So, dig into these two awesome lunch hacks that are perfect for helping students (and their parents!) keep food fresh longer while on the go.

Quick lunch hack ideas - Allstate Canada

Keeping with the food theme, how about a little help with a classic fall comfort food: mashed potatoes. Always a delicious side dish, here’s a time-saving trick for cleaning the skins off those potatoes – because who can’t use a little more time?

Speaking of cleaning things, when was the last time you tidied up your closet? It’s probably long overdue for a little TLC, so while you’re changing your wardrobe over for the cooler months, why not take a stab at organizing it?

Now that we’re on the topic of cleaning things, how about the garage or shed?  This is one incredibly simple hack that’s great when it’s time to store your garden or yard work tools for the winter. While always fun to involve the kids during cleanup, we recommend hanging the rake high enough so that the prongs are outside their reach — always better to be safe than sorry!

Rake for hanging tools hack - Allstate Canada

I hope you found these seasonal life hacks useful, and feel free to tell us what you think of them or share your own – we love hearing from our customers, readers, and followers. For more helpful automotive, home, and lifestyle advice, sign up for our newsletter.