Homeowners and Property Hunters, Watch Out! [Videos]

Homeowners and Property Hunters, Watch Out!

A hint of sunshine and a bit of warm weather can leave you itching to make changes to your home. For some that might mean spring cleaning, whereas others may be thinking of renovating or even moving into a new home. Regardless of how you may intend to change things up, it’s important to keep the ins-and-outs of home maintenance in mind.

For those thinking of buying or renovating a home, focusing on paint colours and pillow covers might seem like the more fun choices, however these activities may not be the best place to start. In fact, a recent Allstate survey, revealed that almost a quarter of Quebec homeowners said they ran into issues after purchasing their new home. Of those, over half had repairs exceeding $1,500 in expenses. To avoid situations like this, it’s important to take a step back to see if there may be risks brewing under the surface before you tackle the cosmetic changes.

To help you keep your home (new or updated) in the best shape it can be we’ve put together a video series of some of the most common household risks and how to spot, and avoid them.

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