Man raking leaves in autumn season

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Fall Back: What to Do with Your Extra Hour This Weekend

Are you ready to turn back your clock at 2 a.m. on Sunday? With the end of daylight saving time, we’ll all gain a whole extra hour this weekend! There’s plenty more you could with that time other than sleep and adjust your clocks. In fact, one very important task is to test and change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Using two memorable dates a year (like daylight saving time changes) can help ensure these life-saving devices are working properly.

Here are a few other ideas on activities you could tackle this weekend as we fall back:

Couple clearing their garage, storing items in boxes.

Tune-up Your Garage with these Simple Tips

We have to face it; summer is definitely over. It’s time to put away the swim gear and to bring out the winter tires. So why not organize your garage or shed while you’re in there.

Inside of a dark walk-in closet

10 Closet Organization Tips to Maximize Space

Having trouble finding the right clothes for these up and down temperatures? Applying a few simple organizational tips can make a world of difference.

Family home surrounded by snow.

11 Home Repairs to Make Before Old Man Winter Strikes

Winter’s chill will soon be in the air. Now is the time to get your home winter ready and make any necessary repairs before expensive damage could set in.

Boat dock overlooking lake in the fall.

Winterize Your Boat

Getting your boat winter-ready is important for its health and lifespan, not to mention helping make things easier for you come spring. Consider these tips.

A man standing next to his car calling for help on winter day.

Build A Winter “Utility Belt” for Your Car

While no wants to expect the worst, it’s important to be prepared! Create an emergency kit to store in the truck of your vehicle to help in case the unexpected does occur while you’re on the road this winter.

Do you have special plans for your extra hour this weekend?