Canadian Teens Show Why We Must Just Drive

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Canadian Teens Show Why We Must #JustDrive

In Canada, car collisions are the leading cause of death among teenagers and it’s estimated eight out of 10 collisions are caused by distracted drivers.

As such, Allstate Canada believes it’s important to equip teens and their parents with the knowledge and tools to become smarter drivers and take action against distracted driving. The company has developed a few programs over the years under the “Just Drive” umbrella to help make drivers aware of the problem, bring them into the conversation, and give them an opportunity to develop solutions to end distracted driving.

One of these initiatives was a national annual contest (which ran from 2013-2015) where Canadian High School students were invited to upload a video, audio, or image offering advice or a solution to distracted driving. In return, they had the chance to win recognition along with a cash prizes for themselves and their schools.

The contest generated hundreds of amazing entries from engaged students from schools across the country, and we’d like to share some of them with you.

Here are the winning video submissions for the Just Drive Canada Contest:

2015 Winners

“One Minute of Your Life is Not Worth Your Life in one Minute”
By: Charles, Elyse, Zachary, and Mathias from McRoberts Secondary School in Richmond, BC

“Distracted Driving will get you Carried Away”
By: Omar, Sahaj, Milan, and Hyeon from Lillian Osborne High School in Edmonton, AB

2014 Winners

“Distracted Driving is a Killer”
By: Rostyslav, Austin, Bryce, and Matthew from Lillian Osborne High School in Edmonton, AB

“Distracted Driving will get you Carried Away”
By: Amy, Eric, Cosburn, and Abdullah from Hill Park Secondary School in Hamilton, AB


2013 Winners

“Safety Thumb”
By: Wallise from Glenforest Secondary School in Mississauga, ON

 “The Last Time”
By: Gabrielle, Matt and Stephanie from Belmont Secondary School in Victoria, BC