8 Struggles Every Tech Junkie Knows

8 Struggles of Being a Tech Junkie

It’s not easy living on the cutting edge of technology. Just because you’re the one who everyone calls when they’ve accidentally set their keyboards to German doesn’t mean you don’t have your own set of techie problems. Here are eight struggles that every tech junkie is waaaay too familiar with:

  1. Putting your new noise-cancelling earbuds in your pocket and pulling out a tangled mess.
  2. Where. Is. My. CHARGER!?
  3. Accidentally getting caught in a dreaded “no signal” zone. What is this, the Bermuda Triangle?
  4. Hours spent waiting in line for the latest releases, or camped out in front of your computer waiting for the pre-orders to start.
  5. Being the one your family always calls when they have tech problems.
  6. Justifying buying the latest phone/tablet/gadget when it feels like you just got your last one (justifying it to OTHERS, that is. It’s always easy to justify it to yourself.)
  7. Wondering if every time you click “Yes” to a new user agreement without reading it, you’re secretly selling off the rights to your firstborn.
  8. A “low battery” alert is enough to send you into cold sweats.

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