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7 Things All Collectors Know For Sure

7 Things All Collectors Know For Sure

From baseball cards to vintage muscle cars, from limited edition Star Wars figurines (still mint-in-package, of course) to rare Babylonian coins, the life of a collector is all about that next great find. Here are seven things about the agony and ecstasy of collecting that all collectors know to be true:

  1. Others may look at your collection, but they may never touch. In fact, on second thought, looking should be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  2. It’s perfectly reasonable for a grown adult to collect children’s toys, as long as they don’t take them out of the package.
  3. You check online auction sites while other people check the weather in the morning.
  4. Driving 50 kilometres through dark backroads in the pouring rain just to check out one flea market that winds up being a bust anyway? Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend to me!
  5. The phrase “open to trades” is music to your ears.
  6. You walk into antique stores with the strut and swagger of a legendary gunslinger.
  7. “Clutter” is synonymous with “glory.”

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