5 Activities to Make Your Thanksgiving One to Remember

5 Activities to Make Your Thanksgiving One to Remember

Autumn is back and with it comes the season of celebrations! Our world may look a bit different given the recent pandemic, however Thanksgiving continues to be hands down one of my most favourite holidays with its amazing food, feelings of gratefulness, and family and friends all gathered together (physically distanced of course), I always have a wonderful time. But while the turkey is cooking and the house is full of loved ones anxiously waiting around, one can easily get bored and end up on the sofa watching TV. Here are some ideas for activities to keep everyone interacting and enjoying each others company, instead of resorting to screen time.

1. Take a walk

Why not take a walk before or after the big diner? Taking the time to get outside is not only good exercise, it’s also a lot of fun. Walking with the whole family offers a chance to bond, exchange stories, catch-up and explore. We all know how much we tend to over eat at this time of year — because the food is too delicious to resist — so taking a walk to get in those steps in is a great way to balance being healthy and enjoying yourself. Get outside, get moving, and have some fun!

2. Board games

Playing board games is an easy and entertaining way to spend time together. If there are children in your family, there is an added bonus — board games offer great opportunities for learning important life skills like reading, counting, teamwork, and socialization. There’s a wide range of choices out there. You might want to select a game that’s good for both kids and adults or have two different games going on at once.

3. Get crafty

It’s no secret that kids love anything craft-related (and while adults don’t always admit it, t enjoy crafting too!), so why not take the opportunity to feed their imaginations and create some décor for your thanksgiving table at the same time? A simple DIY idea is to make a pretty pumpkin or a colorful table’s center or to create a fall-themed banner with pretty leaves you found on your walk.

 4. Sing-a-long (Karaoke) 

Without a doubt, anytime a karaoke machine or a favourite tune is turned on during a family gathering, the house becomes a party. Plus, dancing and singing can be a real stress buster! These activities are great for bringing everyone together and the results usually include enough laughter and memories to last you until next thanksgiving. For those of you who don’t have a karaoke machine, don’t let that stop you! You can still put on your favourite music, sing along and dance with the whole family. Don’t forget that the most important part is to enjoy this holiday with your loved ones.

Do you have any special Thanksgiving family traditions you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments below.