2016 Safe Driving Study: The Safest Days on the Road [Infographic]

Allstate Canada - Safe Driving Study 2016

As more roads get built and new people get their license, it’s always important to be reminded that driving is a serious activity for all drivers – both experienced and new. That’s why Allstate Insurance Company of Canada has been conducting the Safe Driving Study for the last eight years.

This yearly study uses Allstate Canada collision claims data to see overarching trends on Canadian roads and to kickstart conversations about them, like which communities have the safest roads, what days of the week have the most crashes and what types of collisions are the most common.

And with a 1.7% increase in collision claims across the country over the previous study period*, our hope is that armed with this information and some helpful tips, we can all learn to be become better and more mindful drivers.

We already know (though we sometimes forget) there are certain precautions to take as the seasons and road conditions change, but there are also a few other things to keep in mind when travelling. Let’s take a ride through the week together to spot ways we may help make our roads safer every day of the week.

Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study 2016 Infographic

*The 2016 Safe Driving Study looks at Allstate Canada collision frequencies for 2014–2016 and also compares them to data from 2012–2014.