10 Things That Make Sentimentalists Go ‘Awwwwww…”

10 Things That Make Sentimentalists go "Awwww..."

Sentimentalists: The keepers of the family flame, the gooey, golden glue of any social group. What truly melts the hearts of these notorious nostalgia trippers? Well, most things, actually. But here are at least 10:

  1. Photos of your parents when they first got together:
    Extra heart-melting if they are sporting out-of-date fashion choices.
  2. Your old, smelly, falling apart, barely recognizable childhood teddy bear:
    You can still remember the time you swallowed one of his button eyes. Sigh, good times.
  3. The lyrics to any of your favourite childhood TV shows’ theme song:
    Whatever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV?
  4. The immense disappointment you felt when *this* happened:

    Why, Grandma, WHY????
  5. Antique jewellery and clothing that have been in your family for ages:
    You know, I think bonnets could really make a comeback…
  6. Old family photo albums:
    One day we’ll figure out who that guy third from the left is…Uncle John? Uncle Jimmy? He’s definitely an uncle.
  7. Your grandfather’s pocket watch:
    Back before your watch was also your phone, camera, stereo, and so on…
  8. Yellow, dog-eared copies of family recipes:
    Nothing like passing off your mom’s upside-down pineapple cake recipe as your own.
  9. Your bronzed baby shoes:
    Or your bronzed socks, your bronzed baby teeth. You name it, you can get it bronzed.
  10. Inside jokes with your siblings that no-one else understands:
    I guess you just had to be there…for our entire lives.

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