Help is Here! 10 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

10 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

December is the busiest time of year when it comes to shopping.  Being the organized person I am, I tend to plan events and gifts a few months in advance so that I can beat the crowds and lower my stress levels around the holidays.  Even so, I tend to leave a few things until the very last minute, but that doesn’t mean my recipients need to know.

Check out my list of 10 last minute holiday gift ideas that will make everyone on your list happy.

Young couple watching TV
1. Netflix Subscription
Winter is the perfect season to relax on the couch and watch your favourite TV shows. A Netflix subscription works for people of all ages because of the wide variety of shows and movies. Add a soft throw and some hot chocolate packets to give the perfect holiday package.
Closeup of minimal office on white background.
2. Desk Accessories
There are a lot of funky accessories out there that can brighten up anyone’s desk at home or the office. Look for low maintenance (or even artificial) plants, desk toys (such as a mini basketball net), unique cellphone holder, or an “Easy” Button.
Yellow headphones
3. Tech Accessories
Headphones make the perfect gift for the music lover in your life or anyone who commutes via public transit. There are many headphone options available with amazing quality and noise cancelling capabilities. Other ideas for the tech-lover include a phone or tablet case (perhaps featuring their favourite sport team), portable phone charger, or portable Bluetooth speaker.
Clothes hangers in a closet
4. Closet Organization Items
Know someone who recently moved or has an overflowing closet? Pick a closet organization item that you think would work for them. Whether it’s thin hangers or extra storage containers, your recipient will be pleasantly surprised that you’re helping them maximize their closet space.
Person Using Remote Control Of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
5. Portable Vacuum
Think college students who have recently moved out, parents of young children, or pet owners. I own two cats and find myself picking up the vacuum at least once a day. Small models are great for those who are short on space and need something handy around the kitchen.
Wallet with coins on wood
6. Wallet
Know someone who loves to collect loyalty cards? Their wallet is probably bursting at the seams. Get them a separate cardholder to help them out. You might also know someone who always loses their change – a coin pouch may solve that problem. If your recipient is always on the go, consider a phone case with card slots that will make running errands extra convenient.
Halogen or electric heater on wooden floor
7. Portable Heater
Like the vacuum cleaner idea, a portable heater can be a thoughtful gift for the right recipient. It could be used under a desk at work, in the basement (where it’s often chilly), or just used for extra warmth on a cool winter evening when heating a larger space would be an energy (and money!) drain.
Man using blender
8. Kitchen Supplies
If you have someone on your list who likes to bake, consider adding some fun to their inventory of baking supplies with molds in different shapes and designs. There are a lot of options, including letters, hearts, geometric shapes, and animals. For the non-baker, a Magic Bullet or similar appliance is a versatile addition to any kitchen as it can be used as a blender or food processor.
Spa setting
9. Spa Gift Card
Everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation, especially around the holiday season. WaySpa is a Canadian health and wellness marketplace where you can buy one gift card that is accepted at over 2,000 spas around the world.
Red heart in child and mother's hands
10. Give Back
If you’ve got that one hard-to-buy-for person on your list that seems to already have it all, another option is a Charity Gift Card. Your recipient can use this towards a Canadian charity they’re most passionate about and it would allow them the perfect opportunity to pay it forward this holiday season.

Do you have more last minute gift ideas to add to my list?  Share them in the comments section below!