10 Closet Organization Tips to Maximize Space

10 Closet Organization Tips to Maximize Space

As someone who has an ever-growing closet and moved in with her partner last year, I’ve had trouble finding room for all of my shoes, bags, and clothing – especially now that I need to share my space. For the first few months, my clothes took up our spare bedroom, leaving no room for guests to stay over. Since that wasn’t cool with either of us, I decided I needed to get organized. Throughout the past year, I’ve collected a lot of tips and tricks to help maximize my closet space so that I can fit everything in neatly.

If your clothes are taking over your space, it may be time to make some changes. Applying a few simple organizational tips can make a world of difference – whether it’s getting a spare bedroom back again, or keeping the peace with your partner. As an added bonus, you may discover you’ll find your stuff more easily and be able to get ready for work in half the time!

10 Tips to Maximizing Your Closet Space

  1. Colourful slim velvet hangers
    Use thin hangers. Believe it or not, the width of your hangers makes a big difference in the amount of things your closet can hold, especially when you have a lot of them.  My old plastic and wood hangers were 10 to 20 millimetres thick; whereas my new space-saving hangers are only two millimetres.  By replacing 100 thick hangers with 100 thin ones, you’ll increase space by up to 70 inches!  Thin hangers are available in plastic, velvet, or wired versions.  I prefer plastic ones with rubber grips so clothes don’t slip off.  I wouldn’t recommend velvet, felt, or wire hangers as the fabrics can rub off onto light-coloured clothing and wires can accidentally catch and rip your clothes.
  2. Neatly folded sweateres
    Fold your sweaters. Hanging sweaters not only takes up precious closet space, but it can actually damage them.  Since they tend to be heavy, hanging a sweater will cause it to pull down on the shoulders, stretching it out and may even create annoying little bumps at the shoulders.  By folding them, they will retain their shape, last longer, and save a lot of space in your closet.
  3. Cubed closet organizer
    Get a closet organizer. If you don’t have enough drawers for sweaters, consider buying a closet organizer.  They come in many sizes, colours, and materials.  The closet organizer will also come in handy for other folded items, such as jeans.
  4. Clothes neatly hanging in closet
    Add a top shelf. There is likely a lot of space above your closet rod, so make use of it by adding a shelf (or two, if your ceiling is high enough).  You can store handbags, hats, boxes, or your folded sweaters on these shelves.
  5. Blue canvas organizers
    Use canvas boxes. Organize items you rarely wear into large canvas boxes that can be placed on the highest shelves.  If you have a lot of boxes, add a label to the front so you can easily locate the items you need in the future.
  6. Two plastic bins with red lids
    Use the floor space. My closet floor has a large shoe box with all of my rolled up hosiery stored in it.  Most people neglect their closet floor space, but it’s very useful for items such as shoes (on a mat) or storage boxes.  If your bedroom is lacking space for a chest of drawers, you can buy bins with lids to store socks and undergarments on the floor of your closet, or even under your bed.
  7. Layered skirt hangers
    Get a multi-level skirt/pant hanger. Most multi-level hangers come in four tiers and are perfect for saving space.  You can neatly layer four skirts or other bottoms onto one hanger to maximize your closet space.
  8. Back of a closet door with hooks
    Make use of the door. This tip only applies to closets with regular push/pull doors and not sliding ones.  If you have a hinged door, you have a couple of options: add hooks behind it or hang a jewelry/purse/shoe/scarf organizer.  Make sure what you choose works with your lifestyle.
  9. Walk-in closetAdd another rod. Most closets only have one rod at eye level.  One of the best things I did for our closet was adding another rod. I moved the current rod up (high enough to reach) and added a second one around hip level.  You can measure how high to place the lower rod by using one of your longest tops as a guide.  Make sure clothing doesn’t touch the floor!  My longer items, like dresses, are hung on the top rod.  Really long dresses or formal attire can be hung in another closet to save room.
  10. Suit and tie on a hangerHang outfits together. If there’s that one top you always wear with the same blazer/sweater, hang them together!  It’ll make your mornings easier and save you some closet space.

By applying these tips to your closet organization, you’ll save a lot of space and find things easier.  Since applying these tips into my closet, I’ve rediscovered items I’d forgotten about and purged things I no longer wanted.  I hope these tips help you as much as they helped me.

If you have any closet organization tips you’d like to share, let us know in the comments section below!